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Loutraki Beach

Indulge in the summer spirit and enjoy your refreshing drink or coffee by the sea… Apart from diving into the crystal water, you may also relish sunbathing under the hot summer sun, lying on the pebbled beach next to the waves! If you are a sports fan, opt for one of the exciting sea sports; windsurfing, jet-ski, sailing and if [...]

Spa and Thermalism

Loutraki has a long history in Spa and Thermalism. The water derived from the Loutraki natural thermal springs was characterized as “The Water of Life” since antiquity. The geothermal springs derive from many faults of the coastal area in a 750 -m-wide zone. The natural spring hot waters, at the bottom of Mount Geraneia, are discharged from a great mineral [...]

Theme Parks

Amusement and theme parks are a popular attraction for both locals and visitors in the area. The “Water fun” park, located in the area of the Corinth Canal, features water entertainment for kids and adults. Apart from water parks, several other themed venues offer entertainment for all tastes.

Corinth Canal

The Corinth Canal was finally built in the late 19th century and created a new sea route by linking the Corinthian and Saronic Gulfs. Until then, ships sailing across the Aegean and the Andriatic had to circumnavigate Peloponnese, adding about 185 nautical miles to their voyage. The canal was built in 1882 - 1893 by Greek and French engineers using [...]

Ancient Corinth

The site of Ancient Corinth was first settled at the end of the 5th millennium B.C. and thanks to its advantageous geographical situation and its two harbours - Lechaion on the east and Kehreai on the south, it became one of the richest cities of prehistoric times. As the myths of history begin to dissolve, the first recorded king of [...]

Mount Geraneia

Mount Geraneia, one of the most outstanding mountain ranges of Peloponesse, is embraced by three gulfs - the Saronian Gulf, the Corinthian Gulf and the Gulf of Alkyonides. Moreover, it’s gifted with two beautiful lakes, Vouliagmeni and Mavrolini. This picturesque mountain offers a wide range of activities outdoors; hiking, trekking, pick-nicks, cycling, mountaineering, motorcycling and even parachuting and paragliding. Mount [...]

The Isthmian Museum

While touring around the Isthmian Archaeological Site, don’t forget to visit the Museum standing nearby. The Isthmian Archaeological Museum was built in 1970 by the Greek architect Pavlos Mylonas and opened for visitors a few years later, in 1978. It consists of two chambers, where priceless archaeological remains and cultural relics of the ancient greek civilization are demonstrated; special findings [...]

Osios Patapios Monastery

On the slopes of Mount Geraneia, Osios Patapios monastery stands imposingly for centures. Situated at a 650m - 700m altitude, the holy convent challenges the faithful Christians to go on a pilgrimage, which requires driving a 14-kilometre distance and successfully walking up the 180 steep steps before entrance. Osios Patapios came from Thebes, Egypt. He cloistered at the Egyptian desert [...]

Lake Vouliagmeni – Heraion

Here, in the region of Vouliagmeni, embraced by a natural pine-forest, lies one of the most beautiful lagoons in Greece The whole landscape is simply awesome, a glimpse around just takes your breath away… The peaceful lagoon lies 16-km. northwest of Loutraki and was caused by the subsidence of the ground to α kind of trench. The lagoon is 2 [...]


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